Ross and Marshall Von Erich Talk Vice Documentary and Family Legacy

Marshall and Ross Von Erich

Ross and Marshall Von Erich recently debuted for Major League Wrestling at Fury Road in Milwaukee. They teamed with Tom Lawlor to take on the controversial Contra Unit. The match did not air on the live broadcast but will air on Fusion at a later date.

The two brothers recently appeared on the WINCLY podcast and opened up about their family legacy. They also spoke about how the recent “Last of the Von Erich’s” documentary produced by VICELAND impacted their father, Kevin Von Erich.

“The producers of that show and everyone are such hard workers. What helped is they were all wrestling fans,” Marshall said of the making of the film. “They genuinely loved wrestling. So, you didn’t have someone who wasn’t a fan making a documentary. We were so happy with the outpouring of support that came from it and how supportive everybody was for my dad; it gave people the chance to know my dad a little better. We couldn’t have been happier with it.”

MLW officially announced the brothers’ signing last month.

Ross and Marshall Von Erich

“(Kevin Von Erich) is trying to use his story for good because death can do two things as my dad says. It can make you hard toward the world or compassionate for those who suffer,” Ross said of his father.

“Going through what my dad went through and seeing someone lose a brother, a sister, lose a parent. He knows that pain it brings. Sometimes it feels like there is no light at the end of the tunnel. Before we are wrestlers or anything else, we are human beings. We learn to love our neighbors and use the story for good. I think the Vice piece helped capture that.”

The full interview can be listened to in the player below: