Rumor Killer On Rey Mysterio Signing A WWE Deal

It was reported earlier in the day that the former World Champion Rey Mysterio has signed a 2 years deal with WWE while the company was in San Diego recently.

However after the report went viral, WrestlingInc debunked the rumors and after talking to their source, the site reveals that the High Flying Star remains a free agent.

The last we heard about Mysterio’s future was when it was revealed that he was negotiating a 3 years deal with the company which will allow him to work a limited schedule.

After this, the Officials surprised everyone by announcing the former WCW Star as the pre-order bonus for the upcoming WWE 2K19 video game which is set to release in October.

In the past few years, stars who have been announced as the pre-order bonus for the 2K series video games have ended up returning to the company in some capacity and this news made many believe that Mysterio’s return is also imminent.

Since Officials are already trying to sign the stars expected to appear at the upcoming ALL In event, it’s not hard to imagine that they are pushing for Rey’s return as well and want to sign him before the show.

Though as of this writing, Rey Mysterio is still slated to appear at the indie event organized by Cody and the Young Bucks and considering the slow pace of negotiations, the possibility of his WWE return before ALL In does not look very bright at the moment.