Rumor: WWE Has Something Big Planned For January

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WWE has something big in plans for January, after the recent dip in viewership and ratings for their shows.

According to Bryan Alvarez of Wrestling Observer, WWE has an idea in mind that will turn around the ratings for their show.

“For those of you who hate Raw, all I’m going to do is tell you that the belief within WWE is that — take this for what it’s worth — they believe it is all turning around in January. Apparently, they have some sort of idea and they think it’s all turning around in January and that the ratings in January are going to be good again. The show is going to be better and something big is going to happen.”

Alvarez did caution that rumors will run wild in speculation, and advised not to get our hopes up for anything.

“Of course, everybody is going to be speculating all sorts of crazy things [like] The Young Bucks, this and that. Don’t get your hopes up for that stuff everybody. They seem to believe that starting in January, this thing is turning around.”

It seems like WWE is going to take a new route or make a big decision in their programming or storyline that can make their product more appealing to the audience. Or perhaps they are going to sign someone new? Whatever it may be, the company really needs to step up their game as the recent numbers don’t look good at all.

The last two episodes of Raw were the lowest-drawing episodes in history.

SmackDown isn’t looking too good either, as they it has stayed under 2 million viewers.

Maybe the shows would see a boost as we head into the Road to WrestleMania with Royal Rumble set to take place at 28 January.

What do you think WWE has in mind for their alleged “huge plan”? Let us know in the comments below!

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