Rumored NXT UK Signee Loses Top Independent Championship

One of the UK’s top independent stars has lost quite a prestigious title. Viper, also known as Piper Niven, lost her Pro Wrestling: EVE International Championship today at STARDOM.

The event took place at Korakuen Hall and saw Utami Hayashishita defeat Viper to add the EVE International & SWA Championships to her collection. Hayashishita now holds four of the top Women’s titles in the industry.

Viper has been linked with a move to NXT UK in recent weeks. The Scottish star was prominent on the WoS programme however with the likes of Kay Lee Ray signing with NXT UK it is not unlikely that Viper could follow suit. Kay Lee Ray is the (current?) WoS Women’s Champion and has signed with NXT UK.

STARDOM and Pro Wrestling: EVE do however have a strong working relationship and this could be a chance title change unrelated to Viper’s contractual status. There have also been reports that AEW have sent out feelers to some top independent talent, Viper included. Viper/Piper Niven does have some experience in a WWE ring, having performed in the inaugural Mae Young Classic.

The Wrestling Observer recently speculated that Viper would be heading to the WWE Performance Center and NXT shortly. Although it has not been confirmed if this would be for NXT in the United States or for NXT UK.