Rumored Plans For Extreme Rules Main Event

Extreme Rules
WWE Extreme Rules

With several titles on the line, a high-profile Iron Man match and a monstrous Steel Cage Match on the card, it’s difficult to tell which match might be the Main Event of WWE’s Extreme Rules event this Sunday.

Traditionally, the WWE or Universal Title Matches would be considered the most important, and thus end the show. This isn’t always the case though, and according to WrestleVotes reports, rumours say that the Main Event of Extreme Rules will more than likely have nothing to do with a title.

With Brock Lesnar MIA from Extreme Rules, WWE has been pushing the Roman Reigns Vs Bobby Lashley feud as it’s primary story. But, Seth Rollins and Dolph Ziggler’s battles over the Intercontinental title have been red-hot on RAW for the last few weeks.

What’s most telling is that the only Smackdown Live match being allegedly considered is the WWE Title Match between AJ Styles and Rusev. But, as noted in the tweet, it has little to no backstage support.

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