Rusev & Wendys Restaurant Discuss Rusev Day Celebrations

Rusev and the popular fast-food chain, Wendys, have been having a bit of a back and forth on social media recently.

The Rusev/Wendys interaction started not long after the restaurant announced plans for January 4th to be “National Roast Day”.

A fan responded to the post by simply wishing them a “Happy Rusev Day”.

Upon finding out about this, Rusev made a special request of Wendys:

Apparently, Rusev is a former Wendys employee.

Rusev Day

The belief is Rusev Day t-shirts are selling well as WWEShop initially ran out of stock not long after announcing the shirt’s release.

Having debuted at the Royal Rumble in 2014, Rusev has been on the main roster for 4 years now and could be in-line for a considerable push given his recent popularity.

Happy Rusev Day!