Rusev Day Reportedly Won’t Last Much Longer

Several months ago when WWE paired up Rusev and Aiden English, they had no idea that they’d be creating one of the biggest fan-favorite gimmicks on the roster today.

Rusev and English have developed “Rusev Day” together and the WWE Universe has been eating it up ever since. Despite the love Rusev Day has been receiving, WWE has been reluctant to push it to its full potential. is reporting that WWE likely won’t ever give Rusev Day a push, as it’s expected that Rusev is set to turn on Aiden English very soon and end the Rusev Day references. Instead, the Bulgarian Brute will return to playing a more “ruthless” character.

It will be a sad day when Rusev decides to end Rusev Day, but WWE just doesn’t seem to want anything to do with pushing it any further.

Discussion: How do you feel about WWE refusing to push Rusev Day?