Rusev Debuts New Look

Rusev has debuted a new, clean-shaven look via his social media.


The Bulgarian Brute, Rusev, has debuted a new clean-shaven look via social media. This is the first time that Rusev has gone without any facial hair since he debuted for WWE.

The former three-time WWE United States Champion has not featured on WWE programming since their controversial Super ShowDown event on June 7th. He participated in a 50-man Battle Royal that was won by NXT Superstar Mansoor.

His wife, Lana, has also been missing from WWE TV, last appearing on SmackDown Live in April. In that time, she has been utilizing YouTube as a means to connect with fans, embracing a ‘salty’ gimmick as she vents about her issues with WWE and her lack of opportunities. 

“The More You Hang Around, The More You’re Forgotten”

Rusev’s contract with WWE is reportedly expiring soon, and both he and Lana have been vocal about their frustrations with the company. They have previously expressed their issues during an interview with Lilian Garcia for her podcast Chasing Glory

During this interview they admitted that “We became so strong and we’re featured but the more you hang around, the more you’re forgotten,” Rusev said. “It doesn’t matter how good you are. I think I’m good. It doesn’t matter what I do. It kind of ends up the same thing.”

After having changed his aesthetic and getting into the best shape of his career, Rusev lamented that he does “all these things but nothing changes. I’m trying to catch Vince’s eye. We pitch, we talk and it never comes to anything.”

Only time will tell if the WWE Universe will be able to watch this new, clean-shaven Rusev on their screens.