Rusev On Speculations Of Him Making Appearance At Slammiversary

Rusev says he can't confirm or deny the possibility

Rusev Twitch
Rusev streaming on Twitch

Rusev is one of the names who have been speculated for an appearance at Impact Wrestling’s Slammiversary PPV after the company released a video package teasing the appearance of a former WWE star at their show.

The Bulgarian Brute addressed these speculations during a recent twitch stream, though his response on the matter only seems to entangle the mystery further.

Rusev mentioned how Impact only showed a Bulgarian flag in their promo which means that anyone from the country could make an appearance before saying that he can’t confirm or deny any rumours:

“As I said, any Bulgarian can go and debut,” he said. “They may have another kid from Bulgaria. I keep saying that. Could be anybody. Look, I don’t know why you think it’s me.

I understand why you think it’s me, but I can’t confirm or deny. Or I don’t wanna confirm or deny.” said Rusev “Maybe they wanna pay me a million dollars for one match. Who knows? Maybe I’ll come in.”

There are a number of stars who can be the one behind the promo from Impact Wrestling. We know Gallows and Anderson are in discussion with the promotion and others like EC3 have also teased a return.

The Slammiversary PPV will be taking place at July 18. It will only be days after the non compete clause of released WWE stars expires on July 15 and it would be interesting to see if it’s Rusev or any other star who shows up at the event.