Rusev Teases Split With Aiden English

Rusev has become one of the most over superstars in the WWE Roster in the past few months thanks to the Rusev Day catchphrase of the Bulgarian Brute.

However, while the chants have helped in increasing his popularity, many believe that the melodious voice of Aiden English has also proven to be an essential element in getting him over with the crowd.

Though seeing a recent social media interaction, it appears that we might have seen the last of these two together and their pairing might be coming to an end.

English recently posted a photo of himself on Instagram and Rusev, who has been acting strange all week on social media, replied to it by saying that he is going to miss the former Vaudevillians member as seen in below:


The former US Champion has been a hot topic of discussion among fans since he was removed from his match against Undertaker at the Greatest Royal Rumble event and replaced by Chris Jericho.

So naturally, this exchange has started several rumors with many believing that Officials may separate these two in an effort to decrease Rusev’s popularity.

With Superstar Shakeup being just around the corner it’s very much possible that WWE has plans to move one of these superstars to the Red Branded Show and Rusev, figuring this out, might be reflecting them.

Though at this point nothing is confirmed and we’ll have to tune in to Raw this Monday Night to figure out whether these speculations are true or not.