RVD on Signing With Impact: “People Are Excited”

RVD is back in Impact Wrestling and his fans couldn't be happier.

RVD Impact Wrestling

Rob Van Dam is back in Impact Wrestling. He’ll main event tonight’s “United We Stand” PPV along with his longtime partner Sabu against the Lucha Bros. He was the guest on today’s Impact Wrestling Press Pass. RVD spoke about facing the Lucha Bros, his contract with Impact, and changing attitudes towards cannabis.

His documentary “Headstrong” is also currently available at FITE, on Itunes, and other outlets.

“Lots of excitement coming into this. I’m getting a lot of feedback online and in-person,” RVD said about his Impact return. “People are excited.”

Rob Van Dam On Current Impact Wrestling Roster

“I see that a lot of the wrestlers are doing RVD moves,” Van Dam said when asked about the current Impact roster. “Which doesn’t surprise me. That’s what always happens when someone’s gone off of the TV for a minute.”

He then expressed he was surprised it took the wrestling industry so long to start taking his moves.

“I think I might start by leveling some of those guys out and letting them know they got another several years before they need to start comparing themselves to RVD.”

RVD On Cannabis In Pro-Wrestling

I asked Rob Van Dam his feelings on the changing attitudes towards cannabis in the pro-wrestling industry.

“I think that’s a reflection of the attitude towards cannabis changing all across the world,” he said.

He would continue to say that he doesn’t feel the need to advocate on behalf of cannabis as much anymore, as there is already so much momentum heading in that direction.

“Over the last several years, I find there’s a lot more wrestlers and athletes in general, whether they have a vape pen or using cannabis to calm their anxieties,” he continued. “Whatever it is, it’s not so stand-out and ‘one-of-a-kind-ish’ to be pulled in that direction now.”

“I’ve always said it’s a safer alternative than pills and alcohol and all that,” he continued. “Now that it’s a lot more accessible, I think people’s health will benefit from that, wrestlers and everyone.”

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