RVD On Who Should Induct Him Into Hall Of Fame

RVD tells Chris Van Vliet, "I wrestled high 100% of the time"

While WWE introduced a new system this year where not every person going into the Hall Of Fame has an inductor, RVD knows exactly who is going to be inducting him when the time comes.

The former WWE and current Impact Star was recently interviewed by Chris Van Vliet where he discussed things like wrestling while being high on marijuana and more.

When asked about a potential Hall Of Fame induction and who he thinks should induct him when the day comes, RVD claimed that right off the bat he thinks it should be Paul Heyman.

Continuing on the topic, he said that it would be really good for him to hear Paul’s perspective on what he thought of the former ECW Star while developing him. He said that it would be an experience for him to hear Heyman open up like that.

The former World Champion also talked about the comments John Oliver made during his “Last Week Tonight” show on HBO about WWE labeling their wrestlers as independent contractors.

He claimed that he enjoys being an independent contractor since it makes all the terms on the contract negotiable and he can demand things like health care if he feels it’s necessary.

Though he did acknowledge that not all talents have the same kind of leverage and so it would help them more not to be an independent contractor because they can’t step forward with the same negotiation power.