RVD Reveals ECW Moment Which Elevated His Whole Career

RVD reveals how winning his first title in ECW changed his career


Impact Wrestling has released a new Retrospective documentary. The video focuses on RVD where he talks about his wrestling career in detail.

In the documentary, RVD opened up about his early days in the original ECW and he also revealed the event which caused his whole career to be elevated.

The first title RVD won in ECW was the company’s secondary title called the ECW Television Championship. He went on to elevate the belt and some believe that he made it as prestigious as the company’s World title.

However, the Hardcore Legend believes that the title win elevated his career very much and per RVD, people started treating him as a star after he won the title:

“People treated me like a superstar. From that night forward, it was on a whole new level. It was a pivotal time in my career. It was always on a whole new level. It was easy to draw the point right there when I won the ECW TV Championship to see my whole career elevated.”

Apart from this, RVD also talked about the backstage environment of ECW being different than any other wrestling company, his title reign ending due to an injury and more.

Check out the full documentary on RVD embedded below: