Ryback Argues That WWE Should Use Current Superstars Against Legends On RAW Reunion Show

Ryback has claimed that WWE should pair current WWE Superstars with returning Legends during next week's RAW Reunion show.


Next week sees WWE host a special RAW Reunion of their long-running Monday night show. Numerous past WWE Superstars and Hall Of Famers will be participating, including Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair, and “Stone Cold” Steve Austin to name a few.

Former WWE Superstar, Ryback, has shared his thoughts on this RAW Reunion. Speaking on an episode of his podcast, Conversation with the Big Guy, Ryback commented that WWE should be pairing their current talent with the returning legends.

In the past, Superstars have shared interactions with returning legends, usually in promo or comedy segments.

RAW Reunion

“You have to use today’s talent with those [classic superstars on RAW Reunion],” Ryback claimed. “This is why I talk about AEW is going to have a real issue making stars, it’s like me when I got to working in the main event scene working with CM Punk. I had wrestled nobody up until that point, but when you put me in the ring with CM Punk, it elevates me instantly because I’m getting the rub of being in the ring with this famous guy and hanging with him. And then you see me in the ring with Chris Jericho, and John Cena, and all these other big names, so that’s what happens with other guys. It’s harder when you don’t have those big, marquee names to help elevate the new guys.”

He added that WWE should “[…] put a Finn Balor in the ring with a Stone Cold Steve Austin, or you put Razor Ramon in the ring with Elias, or whoever and you use them in a good capacity with those guys. [….] It elevates them, and I think, especially if the guys are able to work, you’re able to do it even better when you can pay it off with a match. But that’s the whole celebrity thing in wrestling that’s missing that’s very, very important. So hopefully they make some changes on that and do something big.”

Despite the appearances of legends next week, Ryback remains dubious they will have a significant effect on WWE’s ratings. He believes that the promotion needs to drastically reformat their strategy moving forward.

With Heyman and Bischoff now Executive Directors of RAW and SmackDown, ‘The Big Guy’ may just see his assertions come true.

H/T to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.