Ryback Comments On WWE’s “Grueling” Schedule

Former WWE Superstar, Ryback, has shared his thoughts on WWE's "grueling" travel schedule.

It’s not easy being a WWE Superstar. With so much travel, media, and actual wrestling, the job is understandably taxing on a Superstar’s physical and emotional well-being. Since the advent of the WWE Network and their original programming, WWE Superstar’s are expected to compete more frequently now than ever before.

Former WWE Superstar, Ryback, has spoken out on his podcast, Conversations With The Big Guy, about WWE’s rigorous touring schedule, commenting on the promotion never having an offseason whilst their talent deal with constantly hurting whilst on the road.

“You’ve got to adapt quickly to the schedule and [you’re] hurting all the time. That’s one of the best things about not being on the road. You wake up and it is just one thing after another. Because it is never-ending. There is no offseason or nothing,” he said. “[…] It is an adjustment for talent, booking your hotels, booking your rental cars, WWE takes care of your flights. But you must be good with your money. You are not just a professional wrestler. You’re a professional driver.”

The time taken driving from one location to another for WWE tends to be done in long stints—a fact that can be dangerous, especially if you have to drive through the night.

“I’m shocked that there have not been any deaths,” Ryback said. “Driving on one-way roads with semi-trucks. There have been nights I have been driving with my head bobbing, drinking my tenth coffee just to stay awake because I’m going on 45 minutes of sleep doing media in the morning. It’s a grueling schedule for the talent.”

Ryback has been wrestling on the independent circuit since parting ways with WWE in 2016.

Thanks to Wrestling Inc. for the quotes.