Ryback Defends Nia Jax To Bryan Alvarez, Alvarez Responds

Ryback Bryan Alvarez
Ryback Bryan Alvarez

Former WWE Intercontinental Champion jumped to defend Nia Jax from an online attack recently. Journalist, Bryan Alvarez made a comment regarding Nia Jax and the injury suffered to Becky Lynch on Monday night. Ryback then offered up his opinion in response.

Ryback then responded with the following:

While Ryback was critical of Alvarez for offering a critique on a wrestler’s performance, Alvarez is a professional wrestler himself. He offered up the following in response to Ryback’s comments: “I started wrestling in the mid-90s. In over 1,000 matches with everyone from Buddy Wayne to Lance Storm to Rock & Roll Express and Los Villanos and Larry Sweeney and Jack Evans and everyone else, I never hurt anyone, ever. Pretty sure I’m qualified to give my opinion on working.”

Bryan Alvarez Wrestling Career

Alvarez has recently come out of retirement this year as well. In July, he teamed up with MLW’s “Filthy” Tom Lawlor in a losing effort to the legendary Rock N Roll Express.

Most recently, Alvarez defeated “Mr. Fun Size” Marko Stunt at Big Trouble In Little Crown Point for Powerbomb.TV.

Back in 2010, Alvarez defeated a wrestler by the name of “The Ideal Canadian” to qualify for TCW’s Can-Am title tournament. Unconfirmed rumors suggest the man Alvarez beat was actually Lance Storm.