Ryback On What He Would Have Done Differently In His WWE Career

Former WWE Superstar “The Big Guy” Ryback left the WWE in 2016 and cited frustrations with the creative department as one of the reasons of his departure from the company. Ryback was loved by fans and was doing pretty well until his main-event status was suddenly ended.

Ryback talked about his career in the WWE on the recent episode of his podcast Conversation With The Big Guy. He talked about the early stage of his WWE career and what he would have done differently. According to Ryback, his loss to CM Punk at Hell in a Cell marked a shift in his career and ended his momentum.

“I could have done a million different things. When I first got put into the main event, the first thing they should have done is that I shouldn’t have lost when I did with CM Punk. I should have never been put in that position with the momentum that we had. We had that for about 7, 8 months after that. Or, you avoid putting me into that position altogether and you continue to build me up and letting the process naturally evolve. That was about it. It’s not rocket science. We had lightning in a bottle, and they decided to let it out, and that is all there is to it,” Ryback said. “That could be recaptured in the right situation again, but you have to have both sides going for the same goal. If they’re not, then s**t happens. Everything was great, and there were good moments from that run, but anybody that knows anything about pro wrestling knows that it was all by design. It is what it is, it was a great learning experience, but who the f**k cares. It’s all fake anyways.”

Ryback also talked about fans who take WWE too seriously. He believes that the company does what is needed to be done and the fans shouldn’t focus too much on a decision taken by the company.

“I only think there is an outrage with a small percentage online where everyone migrates towards each other. The noise gets louder because they are all talking to each other, and are screaming to be heard. You aren’t going to please everybody. There are trillions of people on the planet. They have a product, and are making money obviously,” Ryback said. “They have a system that they have in place where they want an emphasis on the brand and not on an individual superstar. They know what exactly they are doing. When people are hot and cold, they know what they are doing and when they are doing it and know why they are doing it. They have an exact system in place. The brand makes money and you are never going to please everybody anyways. Even when they go in a direction where they put the championship on AJ Styles, you are going to have people that are going to be pissed off. They would say that Nakamura should be champion, etc. There’s always going to be people that are going to be outraged no matter what they do.

You can check out the podcast by clicking here. Quotes via WrestlingInc.