Sunday, November 29, 2020

Ryback Says That ‘Move Based’ Wrestling “Does Not Draw”

The Big Guy talks the current style of pro wrestling in 2020

Former WWE Superstar Ryback recently discussed the state of professional wrestling in 2020. With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic causing television ratings to decline? The ‘Big Guy’ believes that a major reason for the slowdown is that the likes of WWE are more based on in-ring than creating larger than life characters.

Ryback on The Business Shifting

“The business shifted to where the moves have become…I’ve said it all along, move based wrestling does not draw” Ryback began on The Ryback Show podcast.

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“We’ve seen it in the independent promotions” Ryback continued. “Like Ring of Honor, they’ve not existed to the world. I’m not talking about the wrestling community, the wrestling community is well aware of them. But the majority of the world isn’t [aware of them].”

Ryback would then discuss his own experience on the big stage of WWE. “I love and respect wrestling, I love it. But anyone that actually knows and has been on the big stage? Knows that’s [move based wrestling] not what sells tickets at the end of the day. The [current] formula is not working overall.”

Despite his own opinion, Ryback would refer to the fact that WWE are making a substantial amount of money. “WWE is making more money than ever. So that’s all they care about. That’s directly from Vince [McMahon]. It’s a business, that’s all they’re looking at.”

Ryback elaborated further, saying “they’re not looking at all these other things, he [McMahon] doesn’t look at it like ‘well if this goes back to this? I could be making double what I’m making.’ He doesn’t, he just looks at he’s making more money than ever and he has control over pretty much all of it.”

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