Sami Callihan Discusses “Unfinished Business” With Dean Ambrose

Sami Callihan has spoken about his former partner, Dean Ambrose, saying that there is "unfinished business" between the two of them.

Sami Callihan
Sami Callihan

Current Impact and Major League Wrestling wrestler, Sami Callihan, has some thoughts on his former partner, ex-WWE Superstar Dean Ambrose (now known once again as Jon Moxley)

The two teamed together as part of “The Crew” in Heartland Wrestling Association, as well as the Switchblade Conspiracy in Combat Zone Wrestling, but despite this history together, Callihan has admitted that even he doesn’t know what Ambrose’s next move will be before calling him “the weirded human being” he’s ever met.

“No One Really Knows What Jon Moxley’s Gonna Do”

Speaking with the WINCLY podcast, Callihan said:

“The thing is with Moxley is that you don’t know what the hell he’s gonna do. He is the weirdest human being I’ve ever met in my life. I wouldn’t past him to do a fight with the UFC at this point. No one really knows what Jon Moxley’s gonna do. But I know if he wants to throw hands or jump into oVe, the door’s always open for him.”

He then commented that if Moxley were to end up with Impact Wrestling, he would be an undeniable asset to the promotion.

“It would be a huge get for Impact Wrestling and I don’t even know if I’d wanna him in oVe as I’d rather go toe-to-toe with him as there’s unfinished business between me and him and I wanna shut his damn mouth,” Callihan declared.

He continued, “It’s a weird relationship of ‘little brother, big brother’ and it’s always the two of us striving to see who’s better. We’re both weird human beings and messed-up individuals. One day we’re gonna get back in the ring together as grown-ass adults and see who’s better.”

With Dean Ambrose now no longer a part of WWE, the possibility of seeing Callihan and Moxley reignite past feuds, partnerships, or rivalries on the independent scene may actually have a chance at happening.

Thanks to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.