Sami Callihan Explains Why He Spit On Jim Cornette

Sami Callihan recently explained why he spit at Jim Cornette at MLW: Fury Road.

Sami Callihan Jim Cornette

During his ring introduction from MLW’s Fury Road event on June 1st, Sami Callihan spit a mouthful of water at Jim Cornette. Callihan also did damage to the venue during his hardcore match with Mance Warner that night, leading to his dismissal from the promotion. He recently appeared on Konnan’s “Keeping it 100” podcast and explained his altercation with Cornette.

Callihan was upset at comments Cornette made during his review of AEW’s Double or Nothing about Sonny Kiss.

“Sonny Kiss, who apparently got off his day job at the drag show at the f**king Tropicana,” Cornette said on his YouTube channel. “And I don’t know, but they’re not explaining any of this … the transvestite, or Exotico as they would say at AAA. Did anyone bother to explain why he looks like that? No! They just accepted that, ‘Here’s another member of our roster, no reason to — nothing to look at here, folks.”

Sami Callihan on Jim Cornette’s Comments About Sonny Kiss

Callihan had the following to say on Cornette’s comments while on Konnan’s podcast:

“In 2019 we don’t have to explain what someone of homosexuality or anything is because it’s 2019, everything is accepted on that terms,” Callihan said. “And then he wanted to just call him a transvestite, not even knowing what he was, and say ‘he got off, looks like he just got off from working a day shift at the f**king Tropicana as a drag queen.’”

“I’m like, that’s just ignorant, like that’s speaking ignorant,” Callihan continued.

Callihan would continue to give his opinion on why Cornette is so often critical of modern day wrestling:

“He goes after anyone that has any sort of notoriety because he hasn’t done anything in his career in the last 20 years to be worth s**t. So he wants to make money off of other people.”

The full interview can be listened to below: