Sami Callihan: “I’m Sick Of The Term Intergender Wrestling”

Impact Wrestling World Champion Sami Callihan has explained why he is sick of the term "intergender wrestling" and why people relate to him more than Tessa Blanchard.

Sami Calihan
Impact Wrestling World Champion Sami Callihan

Sami Callihan is sick of the term “intergender wrestling.” The Impact Wrestling World Champion shared his thoughts on the issue in a recent interview. He also addressed why he believes himself to be the hero of his feud with Tessa Blanchard.

Speaking with the WINCLY podcast, Callihan explained how he was the first to provide equality in pro wrestling by looking at a woman as an “actual competitor and an equal.”

When it comes to why he believes Blanchard is the heel in their feud, Callihan points to her being a “millennial brat.” He noted how people have more in common with him than her.

“I feel more people have stuff in common with me than they do Tessa Blanchard who is just another millennial brat who’s been able to do whatever she wants. She hasn’t had to bust her ass for anything. She’s been handed everything since day one for every company she’s walked into. Now she’s been wrestling for 5-6 years at most and she thinks she’s on the same level as me.

Sami Callihan Is Done With The Term “Intergender Wrestling”

With Callihan being so open to wrestling against female challengers, he feels the term “intergender wrestling” has become antiquated. For him, there are no gender boundaries anymore in matchups. It’s all just professional wrestling.

“I’m sick of the term intergender wrestling because at this point it should just be professional wrestling,” Callihan stated. “I’ve said this in every interview I’ve done in the last six months. The term intergender wrestling isn’t something we need in 2020 as everyone needs to be looked at as equals. Male or female – whatever you consider yourself, you need to be considered just a professional wrestler because professional wrestling is supposed to be for everyone, correct?”

Sami Callihan defends his Impact Wrestling World Championship against Tessa Blanchard this Sunday. Blanchard has previously shared how their match will see them “shattering ceilings.”

The two will clash at Impact Wrestling’s Hard To Kill event. The show takes place in The Bomb Factory in Dallas, Texas.

H/T to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.