Sami Callihan On RVD Mentioning WWE And AEW Stars In Recent Promo

Sami Callihan explains that we are seeing the real RVD now

Sami Callihan
Sami Callihan

Impact Wrestling star RVD made some headlines recently when he cut a promo during Impact Wrestling’s AXS TV debut saying that there would be no Daniel Bryan, Kenny Omega or Young Bucks if it wasn’t for him.

During a recent interview with WrestlingInc, the current Impact World Champion Sami Callihan talked about a number of things and he also gave his thoughts on RVD’s promo.

Callihan claimed that while people perceive the former WWE Star to be a quiet dude that smokes himself out all day long, the RVD we saw in the promo is the real RVD:

“That’s the real RVD. People think RVD is a quiet dude that smokes himself out all day long. But RVD has accomplished everything he’s wanted to accomplish in this business. He’s probably bored with life but now he’s living his best life because he pretty much told everyone to kiss his ass,”

The Impact Champion was then asked if the company will lean towards calling out their opponents more in the future and he said that Impact isn’t afraid to do that.

He went on to explain that his promotion is not afraid to give you a more adult-oriented story, and people who want violence and sexual storylines will be able to get it with Impact Wrestling.

Apart from this, Sami Callihan also talked about AEW, how Impact has proven to be the true alternative to other wrestling programming and more. You can check out his full interview at this link.