Sami Callihan: WWE Is Trying To Monopolize Wrestling

Sami Callihan
Sami Callihan

Sami Callihan is a featured performer on Impact Wrestling, Major League Wrestling, and Lucha Underground. Callihan knows just how well wrestlers can do working outside WWE and he’s not afraid to talk about it. It’s a bridge he’s not worried about burying, in other words.

Callihan mentioned himself, the Elite, and Zack Sabre Jr as those who have helped the independent wrestling scene become just as lucrative for performers these days. “A lot of us are making just as much money as some of the guys in WWE,” Callihan said on Wrestling Observer Live.

“That’s why indy wrestling is striving right now because there is a group of like-mind individuals all working for the same goal,” he continued. “People are finally starting to realize that if it ain’t WWE, we need to be working together.”

“(WWE) are bringing back the territorial days. They are buying a territory in England, they are buying a territory with NXT in American with indy fans, they are eventually going to expand in Japan, China, and everywhere else. They are doing the same thing that happened in the 80s just on a bigger scale.”

“A lot of indy wrestlers are fighting back now because we don’t want to allow WWE to just monopolize.”

Sami Callihan on Impact Wrestling

Callihan spoke about working with Pentagon Jr in multiple territories and also regarding the depth of talent on the Impact roster.

“Impact Wrestling now has one of the best rosters on the planet today,” Callihan said. “And I’ll go on record saying that.”

“The one thing that is going to make Impact Wrestling dangerous right now is that a lot of the wrestlers have a chip on their shoulder and want to prove everyone wrong.”

Talk turned to Callihan’s match with Pentagon at the Slammiversary pay-per-view and fan response to the changes in the promotion.

“Right now I think that is exactly what Impact is doing,” Callihan continued. “They are proving everyone wrong.”

Jeremiah Crane in Lucha Underground

Although Jeremiah Crane lost a Grave Consequences match recently he was brought back to life by Kobra Moon.

Now known as Jeremiah Snake, he is part of the Reptile Tribe which is currently feuding with Johnny Mundo’s World Wide Underground.

Sami Callihan in Major League Wrestling

Sami Callihan and his Death Machines are running loose in MLW as well. The promotion run by Court Bauer features many wrestlers who also compete for other major independent promotions. The company recently aired Battle Riot, a version of a Royal Rumble/Aztec Warfare type match.