Sami Zayn Comments On Having Undergone Double Shoulder Surgery

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Sami Zayn has been on the shelf since June 17th, 2018. He underwent double shoulder surgery this summer as a result of torn rotator cuffs.

The timeline for return from Zayn’s surgeries is listed at about 8 months, which could mean he’d be ready to return in February. As that is the middle of WrestleMania season, however, his return could be pushed back until later in the spring as well.

“Double shoulder surgery isn’t fun, but I see the whole experience as a gift. Time off wrestling gave me perspective, about myself and the world around me. Honest introspection/critical reflection is SO valuable, and it costs nothing. To heal the world, we must heal ourselves.”

Sami Zayn Double Shoulder Surgery

In June, Zayn spoke to Sports Illustrated about his injury. He said his shoulders had been bothering him for a few years before finally taking time away to deal with them.

“I was apprehensive [at WWE Money in the Bank], but it was still manageable,” Zayn explained. “It’s just so weird how you get so used to what we do: I could go in there and wrestle main events on Live Events for 25-30 minutes, but I couldn’t really get the sheets off me in bed. It’s weird how that works. Your body just adapts. And I guess my body’s used to being in the ring and that kind of punishment.”