Sami Zayn Comments On His Return Video From RAW

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Sami Zayn is on his way back to WWE according to a hype video which aired last night on Raw. Zayn has been on the shelf since June. He underwent double-shoulder surgery this summer and was estimated to be out for 8 months.

Based on the video which aired last night, however, Zayn’s return could be coming sooner than originally expected. He posted the following to Twitter in response to his pending return:

“During this time off, I’ve been working on becoming a better person, and letting go of a lot of toxic elements that come with egotism & ambition. But I just watched that teaser for my return on and remembered how good I am at pro wrestling. I actually forgot how great I am.”

Chad Gable issued the following response to Sami:

Sami Zayn Return From Injury

Zayn had been dealing with shoulder problems for some time when it was finally decided this summer he’d take time off to deal with it.

“I was apprehensive [at WWE Money in the Bank], but it was still manageable,” Zayn explained to Sports Illustrated this summer. “It’s just so weird how you get so used to what we do: I could go in there and wrestle main events on Live Events for 25-30 minutes, but I couldn’t really get the sheets off me in bed. It’s weird how that works. Your body just adapts. And I guess my body’s used to being in the ring and that kind of punishment.”