Sami Zayn Has Words For Twitter “Scum”

Continuing his tirade against the WWE Universe, Sami Zayn has taken to Twitter, expressing he won't sink to the level of Twitter "scum."

He may have only recently returned, but Sami Zayn is already making an impact for himself. These past few weeks have seen Zayn lambast the WWE Universe on Monday Night RAW, insulting the crowd as he has highlighted the “toxic” environment that he has returned to.

Not content with just utilizing his TV time, Sami has now harnessed his social media to continue spreading his message.

Writing via his Twitter account, he picked up his attack against the WWE Universe. He claimed it would be “SO easy to publicly rip the idiots that fill my mentions to shreds,” referring to the people reaching out to him“idiots.”

He explained that if he were to “rip” into them, he would probably get “thousands of likes, retweets & affirmations like “yaaas drag him king!” […], because Twitter is mainly scum who live for public degradation of others.”

Zayn signed off with a promise that he wouldn’t “sink to your level.” He was even kind enough to include a few Xs and Os to end the tweet.

A Moment Of Bliss

This past Monday, Sami Zayn was the guest on Alex Bliss’ show, A Moment Of Bliss.

After soaking in the adulation from his fellow countrymen, he would compliment the city of Montreal before launching into a tirade about its citizens. He expressed how they, and the WWE Universe, should be “ashamed” of themselves for projecting their unaddressed issues, anger, and insecurities onto him—baggage he has stated he will no longer accept.