Santino Says His In-Ring Career Is “Definitely Winding Down”

WWE Superstar Santino spoke to this week to promote WWE’s anti-bullying campaign and revealed that his in-ring career is “definitely winding down” –

“I realize I’m one of the older guys in the locker room, and I’m 5-foot-10. These young bucks are 27 years old and 250 pounds,” said Marella. That way I’d be able to stay on the program and entertain people and be an even bigger part of the show . . . I’m definitely winding down.”

He added that after he retires from the ring, he wants to continue being a part of WWE, including hosting a talk show on the WWE Network or being an authority figure on RAW or SmackDown. When asked about his career highlights, Santino mentioned the 2011 Royal Rumble, when he was the last man eliminated, and almost winning the World Heavyweight Championship at last year’s Elimination Chamber pay-per-view. What makes those moments so special to him is his connection with the fans.

“I always had a special relationship with the fans because I came from the audience, and we’ve shared a lot of laughter together. So it’s not like they put me on a pedestal. They believe I’m one of them. So instead of fans and a role model, it’s more like we’re friends. So to have one of your friends come that close to becoming world heavyweight champion, it was exciting.”

Despite never being a serious main event competitor and WWE’s recent talent releases, Santino feels that his job is secure because he’s such a versatile character.

“The guys who were released maybe were not as flexible. They couldn’t fit into everywhere. I’m versatile. I can do anything. I can sing, dance. I can do it all,” Marella said. “I can stay here for another 20 years.”