Scott Hall Calls Out Promotion For Falsely Advertising An Appearance

"The Bad Guy" Scott Hall has called out an indie wrestling promotion for falesly advertising he would be at their show in June.

Scott Hall (Photo credit: Sports Illustrated)

It appears as though an independent promotion has been falsely advertising WWE Hall Of Famer, Scott Hall, for an upcoming event. They may have gotten away with it, too, until “The Bad Guy” found out.

Vanguard Championship Wrestling has allegedly been adverting Hall for a “special guest appearance” during their June 15th show, which takes place in Norfolk, Virginia.

As of writing, the company are still advertising Hall’s appearance, with a prominent post at the top of their website. His name and image are also used on other advertising materials for the event, such as flyers, etc.

The Good Guy

Hall, upon seeing this, took to Twitter to put things straight:

“ATTENTION PLEASE : Hey yo VCW please stop advertising me for an appearance you never contacted me about. I will NOT be at the VCW event on June 15 th . Thanks”

Unfortunately, some fans have already bought tickets based on the opportunity to meet Scott Hall, as one Twitter interaction demonstrates. When one fan reached out to him, Hall responded:

“Never heard from anyone connected to that company and have been booked in Texas on that date for months”

Another pointed out that, by pointing out that he’s not going to be there, Hall has, in essence, given the promotion free advertising. Hall replied, saying he “Just wanted fans to know in advance so they don’t get ripped off” before informing everyone that he has a booking that day—it just happens to be in Texas.