Scott Hall On Reigns Being WWE Champion, His Next Goal

WWE Hall Of Famer Scott Hall recently spoke with Justin Barrasso of about the next goal in his career, Sting losing in his debut and potentially only WrestleMania match against Triple H, Roman Reigns being the WWE World Heavyweight Champion and more. Below are some of the highlights from the interview.

On the next goal in his career:

“Career-wise, I’d love to be working with the young guys at NXT. But I’m not going to sweat that–if it’s meant to happen, it’s meant to happen. I’ve been invited to go down there twice, but I wouldn’t mind a full time gig there.”


On Roman Reigns winning the WWE World Heavyweight Title:

“He’s getting a big push, but I just wish his work supported it. I don’t know, but I saw him commit to it and really go old-school and earn it in the fans’ eyes. The building that he won the Rumble in last year in Philly was the same building where he won the title and was cheered. In a year’s time, that’s pretty good.”