Scott Steiner Goes Off During Impact Wrestling Media Call

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Scott Steiner was on Impact Wrestling’s recent media call to promote Sunday’s Redemption PPV. Steiner is scheduled to team with Eli Drake to challenge LAX for the tag-team championships on the show.

Scott Steiner Promotes Redemption

As is usually the case with Scott Steiner interviews, he had plenty to say on several topics.

Transcriptions courtesy of Cageside Seats:

“Konnan’s gonna be doing what he always did in WCW after we finish this match. He’s gonna be carrying my bags and shining my belt. Maybe my shoes, too. Actually, he might come and cut my grass. I might have all three of them do it, really. I don’t know. I haven’t decided yet,” Steiner said in reference to Konnan, who will manage LAX on Sunday.

“They will be with Konnan, cutting my grass. I actually have a tee spot on my lawn where I need to be putting, so they better be just right. I hate golf. But they better cut my grass right. That’s what I don’t understand. Why does Trump want to keep out all the Mexicans, but who’s going to cut the grass? Seriously. I mean, that’s a legitimate question.”

Scott Steiner Goes Off on Dixie Carter and Hulk Hogan

Scott Steiner does not like Hulk Hogan. This has been clear for some time but Steiner re-iterated it again during the media call:

“The beginning was the most profitable time at TNA, as far as viewership, making money, merchandise and all that stuff combined. Unfortunately, that led to the next incarnation, which was working for dumba** Dixie Carter, that brought in the racist Hulk Hogan and all those other guys. That’s what killed it. Of course, I’ve let my feelings be known, and she put a lawsuit on me, because of the stuff I was saying on Twitter about Hogan.”

Impact Wrestling’s Redemption takes place Sunday, April 22nd, 2018 from the Impact Zone in Orlando, Florida.