Sean Waltman Comments On WWE Signing WALTER

Sean Waltman WALTER
Sean Waltman WALTER

News broke on Monday of WWE signing WALTER to be a part of the NXT brand in some form, likely first in NXT UK, and later in the likelihood that NXT Germany is established.

On this week’s X-Pac 12360, Sean Waltman gave his take on WWE signing WALTER, and specifically what having him in the locker room will mean.

“Walter is a hell of a commodity, the type of guy you want in your locker room,” Waltman said. “Not a bunch of guys who act like Walter.”

Waltman is likely referring to someone with WALTER’s natural aura and presence, something I can attest to having seen him perform live at an EVOLVE show in 2017.

WALTER has reportedly expressed no interest in joining Raw or Smackdown. Waltman sees this as the true expression of an independent contractor.

“Apparently it sounds like he knows what he wants,” Waltman said. “It’s not like he was begging to go anywhere. The buyers were coming.”

“It’s like a seller’s market, sort of, when there’s something really good to sell,” Waltman continued.

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