Sean Waltman On Being Nervous Before His Hall Of Fame Induction

Sean Waltman and DX at Hall Of Fame

Sean Waltman along with the other members of the DX were inducted into WWE Hall of Fame earlier this month as the headliners of the 2019 class.

During the recent episode of his X-Pac 1,2,360 podcast, the former WWE Star talked about the induction ceremony in detail and revealed how nervous he was before the show.

Waltman claimed that the ceremony was really stressful and he was ‘nervous as f***’ before his induction going all the way upto the moment when they came out in the arena on a jeep.

Continuing on the topic, Sean revealed that he was writing on little cue cards and making notes because there were so many people he wanted to thank.

Though he didn’t get to thank a lot of them because he was so nervous during the induction and also because he wanted to keep his speech short.

One of the people he noted he couldn’t thank is the Big Red Monster Kane and according to Sean, he talked to the former World Champion about it afterward.

Apart from this Sean Waltman also talked about his comments during the induction where he explaind that WWE should rename the WrestleMania Women’s Battle Royal after Chyna.

He discussed how people were complaining about it not being renamed only the night after the show and said that they should give WWE a year for this.

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