Sean Waltman On Morale In NJPW & Talent Jumping To WWE

Sean Waltman
Sean Waltman (Photo: TMZ)

X-Pac discussed the NJPW talent morale situation on the latest edition of X-Pac 12360. The former WWF and WCW star salso gave his take on the recent controversial angle in Impact Wrestling involving Austin Aries.

Morale in NJPW

Reports that morale in the New Japan locker room took a hit recently with the addition of Michael Craven as a new head of talent relations caught X-Pac’s attention, and he offered a warning to New Japan.

“Let morale go down in your company and see how quickly that forward momentum comes to a halt. There can be a mass exodus to WWE in a second. WWE will cherry pick every single one of the guys you have.”

Craven, reportedly, does not have a background in the wrestling business, and X-Pac likened what he’s heard of Craven to when J.J. Dillon managed talent for WWE. “It was tough,” he said. X-Pac mentioned that later on, Jim Ross excelled in Dillon’s role. “He knew how to talk to the talent and make them feel good.”

X-Pac again stressed the importance of maintaining a happy locker room, and the consequences of not doing so. “Vince will take every one of their guys,” he said. “And the climate that wrestling is in right now, yeah. Keep talking down to your talent and see what happens.”


X-Pac also discussed the recent Johnny Impact and Austin Aries angle from Bound For Glory. While reportedly a work, X-Pac has a more philosophical stance on the storyline.

“I have my opinion. I’m not going to share my opinion. You just never know when it comes to Aries. To sit and go okay, this was a work, this wasn’t, how about we just enjoy it?”

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