Sean Waltman Reveals He Was Offered A Match Recently

While Sean Waltman has made sporadic wrestling appearances every now and then since leaving WWE, it has still been a while since he last wrestled.

Though some latest comments from the former DX member make it seem like he could return to the ring in the near future, and wrestle on a bigger stage then many would imagine.

During a latest episode of his X Pac 1,2,360 podcast, Waltman talked about a number of wrestling-related topics, including the recent return of Neville and more.

Sean Waltman On Recent Offer

While talking about possibly wrestling again, Sean revealed that he was actually asked about it recently by NWA Vice President Dave Lagana. But he refused the offer because he can’t do justice to it at this time.

Though continuing on the topic, the former WWE Star said that he would like to have some singles matches before performing on a bigger stage as he would like to be sharper.

While not confirmed, this likely means that Sean is actually thinking about making an in-ring return and we may see him returning to action sooner rather than later.

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