Sean Waltman Says El Hijo del Fantasma Should End Up In WWE

King Cuerno

Sean “X-Pac” Waltman believes El Hijo del Fantasma will end up in WWE. Fantasma is one of the wrestlers who has been granted a release from Lucha Underground. He worked there as King Cuerno.

According to Waltman, Fantasma has everything WWE looks for in a lucha star and would be a great fit for NXT. In fact, he encouraged WWE to sign him when the company asked about scouting Mexican wrestlers.

On the latest episode of his X-Pac 12360 podcast, Waltman said, “He was a guy that I talked to WWE about when they asked me. Canyon Ceman had asked me to take a trip down to Mexico after Alberto Del Rio left the first time.”

He continued, “Fantasma was one of the guys I told them about. He can speak English, he’s got a great look, and he fit most of the criteria they were looking for.”

Waltman says that Fantasma got as far as a tryout with WWE several years ago, but the company ended up not offering him a contract.

“He had a tryout down there, and he got a lot of heat for going in there and doing it, and then ended up not getting hired, for some technical reason,” says X-Pac.

Waltman believes that whatever the issue was that prevented Fantasma from signing years ago, would not be an issue today.

“It was some silly little thing, that, obviously, I think they would overlook now,” he says. “Maybe they changed their criteria, or maybe they just got less picky on certain things.”