SEScoops Mailbag: Did TNA Reveal Who Kidnapped Samoa Joe?

SEScoops Mailbag for September 9th

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Q: I don’t know if I missed an episode of Impact or not, but I remember a segment where Samoa Joe was kidnapped and thrown in the back of a van and then he just suddenly reappeared a few months later. Did we ever find out who was behind the attack or am I just dumb? – Kieran A.

A: Nope, they never did follow through on who his attacker(s) were. TNA would have you believe that continuity is a dirty word. In any event, stay vigilant as these mystery ninjas continue to hide among us and may strike at anytime.

Q: I know that it is a real long shot, but do you think that we might see Evan Bourne in a championship position? Maybe for the US or IC title? I just think he has a huge amount of talent that WWE doesn’t utilize. What is your opinion? – Joe D

A: Absolutely, it wouldn’t surprise me at all to see Evan with gold around his waist at some point, be it Tag Team, US or IC. Reportedly, it was John Cena who went to bat for him with Vince McMahon some time ago when Evan was getting a bit of a push on Raw, though that seems to have subsided. Point is, he is well-liked and has his supporters backstage.

Q: Is there any chance WWE can bring back Fatu to manage his sons? And why do you guys think WWE did away with managers in general? – David

A: Very little chance Fatu (Rikishi) is brought back in any capacity unless he loses significant pounds. Based on recent appearances on the indy scene, his weight has spiraled out of control and he’s having a great deal of problems with his knees as a result. As for why WWE did away with managers, you can point the finger squarely at Vince McMahon on that one as he feels it’s too “wrasslin” to work in today’s environment. Meanwhile, men like Jim “Sinister Minister” Mitchell and Joel Gertner sit on the sidelines.

Q: Okay, so at WrestleMania 15, there was a Hell in the Cell match between the Undertaker and the Big Boss Man. The match concluded with the Brood (Edge and Christian) coming down from the ceiling on top of the cell with a noose and the Boss Man was hung. How was that possible? It’s been bugging me for years. – Nathan O.

A: It was quite an elaborate stunt pulled off by WWE. I believe Bossman was rigged pre-match under his attire with some sort of stunt harness. Upon being hoisted into the air, it was made to look as though he was hanging by his neck when in reality, he was being hoisted up rather safely by the harness. There are actually people out there who still believe he was really being hanged and was simply holding his breath the entire time.

Q: Will WWE ever go back to PG-14 and, if they do, how do you think they will make the switch? – Justin

A: First of all, there’s no such thing as PG-14, that’s an oxymoron. I suppose if John Cena and Steve Austin were siamese twins, you could call it PG-14 (that would actually be rather entertaining watching Austin cuss and Cena just shake his head in disgust). Regardless, if it’s TV-14 you mean, when ratings slip even further and their revenue streams begin to dry up, then they will likely consider a return to edgy programming. In other words, it’s not happening anytime soon. When they do, it will be gradual. Don’t expect to turn on Raw one week and suddenly see beer drinking, stripteases and crotch-grabbing. If you want that, fly to Vegas.

Q: Is smackdown will be spoilers when it live in syfy? – Soud

A: I swear to god this was a real question. People, please don’t drunk text. Thanks.

Q: With WWE unifying the Women’s and Divas titles and there being 16 Divas and one title, do you think they will fire some Divas in the near future, because you can’t have 16 Divas going after one belt? –Victor

A: Who says all 16 Divas have to compete for a title? Most don’t know how to wrestle, anyway. They hire most of these women with very little, if any, experience who look like Playboy models (though oddly enough, they won’t allow Playboy shoots anymore due to the PG product). Besides, we don’t yet know what will happen once the titles are unified. Will the champion travel across both brands? If so, then anyone can go after the belt.

Q: Why did Shawn Michaels use the DX theme music at WrestleMania 23 instead of his normal music? He was tag team champion with someone else and Triple H had been out injured for months at that point. – Joanna

A: I think it had more to do with keeping DX fresh in people’s minds for when Triple H was able to return. They likely did not want people to think the unit was dead. I remember asking myself this same question at the time, and it bugged me too, but there are far more important things for us to worry over.

Q: What was supposed to be the outcome of Vince McMahon’s staged death a few years ago? I know Chris Benoit was found dead and that was the end of that storyline, but do you know where that idea was supposed to go? – Jack

A: From what I can recall, one idea being toyed with was having Linda McMahon be fingered (sorry, poor choice of words) as the culprit. However, it would later be revealed that she was wrongly accused and someone else would have been revealed as the true mastermind. I don’t believe they knew who that person would be as many times, these angles are made up as they go along. For example, WWE certainly did not have Rikishi in mind when Steve Austin first got run down by a car at the 1999 Survivor Series. The other idea was that Vince would reveal at some point that he staged his own death for reasons that would later be explained.

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