Seth Rollins Announces He’ll Issue Apology To Team Red and WWE Universe On Raw

Seth Rollins has decided that he will issue an apology to all the members of Team Raw and the WWE Universe on Monday’s WWE Raw.

Rollins lashed out at Team Raw members after the team’s poor performance at the Survivor Series show. The WWE Universe did not take kindly to Rollins’ attitude and The Architect even lashed out at them. After all of that happening Rollins has decided to issue an apology. He took to Twitter and wrote the following:

“After a long few days of soul searching, I’ve decided that this coming Monday on #RAW I would like to issue an apology to #TEAMRED and the @WWE Universe. I hope you’ll hear me out.”

After blaming every member of the roster for their unsatisfactory performance, Rollins found himself face to face with Kevin Owens in the ring as the rest of the locker room decided to walk out.

Owens used the Stunner on Rollins and both would face each other in a match in the main event. Rollins teased a heel turn when he stomped Owens after the Authors of Pain showed up to attack Kevin. It will be interesting to see if Rollins really is going to apologize on Raw.

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