Seth Rollins Comments On Turning Heel, Alliance With AOP & Murphy

Seth Rollins spoke to about his recent heel turn.

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Seth Rollins is now referred to as “the Monday Night Messiah” on WWE RAW. He is also flanked by Akam and Rezar, the Authors of Pain, and Buddy Murphy. Rollins spoke to recently about his heel turn and newly formed alliances.

“The opportunity was presented to me to go in this direction, and the AOP are guys who I’ve watched from afar for a while down in NXT,” Rollins said about aligning with Akam and Rezar. “I was really impressed by some of the tag title matches they had down there, but they came up to Raw and were vastly underutilized right out of the gate and an injury to Rezar that took them out for a period of time.”

Rollins has also aligned with Buddy Murphy, who is now just known as Murphy. The two won the RAW tag team titles from the Viking Raiders recently on WWE RAW.

“Buddy is really self-explanatory. He called himself ‘The Best Kept Secret in WWE’ for a long time, and that’s fairly accurate,” Rollins said about his tag partner. “He’s a guy who was flying under the radar having really great matches on 205 and then on SmackDown, and he’s someone I always thought was very close to being one of the most well-rounded guys we have.”

Seth Rollins On His Recent Heel Turn

Rollins also spoke about his heel turn on RAW during an angle with Kevin Owens.

“I thought the buildup and the lead up to it made a lot of sense. Even though the person sitting in that van may have been kind of predictable, I still felt it was a shock for people to see me in that role again. Whether they were ready for it or not, it was still a jarring visual. I loved it, I thought it was very well executed, and set the ball in motion for what the future of WWE is going to look like, especially in 2020,” Rollins said about the turn.

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