Seth Rollins To Fans: Let CM Punk Know You Don’t Want Him Hiding Behind A Desk

Seth Rollins has spoken about crowds chanting for CM Punk, as well as questioning Punk's "never say never" mentality.

Seth Rollins CM Punk
Seth Rollins and CM Punk

Former WWE Universal Champion Seth Rollins has once again brought up his interest in facing CM Punk.

During an interview with 103.5 KISS FM, Rollins addressed how the WWE Universe has been chanting for CM Punk during shows, ever since his surprise introduction on WWE Backstage.

“You know, I’ve been a little disheartened thus far but I know Chicago will be the exception,” Rollins stated. “I figured that after the last two weeks of what I’ve been saying on Twitter and what he’s been saying back to me that I’d get these chants you’ve mentioned. But they just haven’t happened and in Boston, not a peep.”

He continued, “I was very sad. I was very upset. People were so excited for him to be back. I guess not. I guess they still want to say, ‘Burn it Down.’… Let him know you want to see him on RAW. Let him know you want to see him in a ring. Let him know you don’t want to see him behind a desk hiding in Los Angeles.”

When asked if the two had ever competed in the past, Rollins confirmed they had. Despite this, he is aware they have both grown and evolved, noting a match between them now would be drastically different to the one from six years ago.

Whereas Punk teases the audience by saying “Never say never,” Rollins only wants to know one thing: “When?”

H/T to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.