Seth Rollins On Roman Reigns Taking Time Off From WWE

Seth Rollins comments on Reigns' decision to stay off TV

Seth Rollins with Roman Reigns
Seth Rollins with Roman Reigns

Seth Rollins recently had an interview with Sports Illustrated where he talked about things like his new role as the Monday Night Messiah, his coffee shop and more.

Roman Reigns has been away from WWE programming since before WrestleMania and this is the longest he has been off TV without any injury or health scare since his debut.

Reigns has since came out and explained that he is trying to protect his family and talking about his best friend, Rollins said that it was nice to see him come out and explain the reasoning behind his absence:

“Oh yeah. They’re just turning out twins, man. This is their second set of twins now, which is crazy to me. I’ve never met anyone that had two sets of twins back-to-back. I was fortunate to get the news a while back, and it was nice to see him come out and explain why he’s been taking time off.

He’s got five kids running around at home, and he’s trying to help the wife out and make sure everybody’s safe.” said Seth Rollins. “It’s awesome. It seems like everybody is getting in on the new kid thing these days (laughs).”

The former World Champion also talked about Becky Lynch’s pregnancy announcement on Raw saying that he thought it was perfect to watch her go out and tell the world exactly the way she wanted.

Seth continued by revealing that he was right behind the curtain watching Becky’s announcement on the monitor and it was the first time he really felt like they were going to be parents. You can check out Rollins’ full interview at this link.