Seth Rollins Recalls Incident With Vince McMahon That Almost Made Him Walk Out Of WWE

Seth Rollins
Seth Rollins (via Instagram @WWE)

Former WWE Champion Seth Rollins told an interesting story during an appearance the latest episode of E&C’s Pod of Awesomeness where he spoke with Edge and Christian. This is where he reflected on having an incident with WWE Chairman Vince McMahon that almost made him walk out on WWE.

He started out by reflecting on having a match he had with Kofi Kingston on SmackDown before it was live on the USA Network where the WWE boss wanted Rollins to have a quick match and squash Kofi Kingston. However, Rollins went against those orders somewhat as he didn’t want to do that due to the respect he had for Kingston. Because of that decision, he got into some hot water with McMahon.

He admitted that it took him a little while to grow into who that person was and trying to figure out what McMahon wanted out of him. The match was meant to be a ‘get over’ match for him. By having respect for Kofi, he thought he would never squash him but rather just wanted to want to give him something in terms of offense in the match. He did just that in a three-minute contest.

“I remember coming to the back thinking, ‘Okay that was alright.’ Vince was just furious about it — furious.” Rollins continued by stating that McMahon started yelling at him by stating, ‘If you’re gonna be my guy, if you’re gonna be my guy that’s not what I want!’ And he shoo’ed me out of Gorilla [Position] and I didn’t understand.”

Rollins didn’t get it and even Michael Hayes was attempting to explain McMahon’s reaction to him and what he wanted out the situation. They had to do the match again.

“I remember the feeling when they told me that I was so angry and embarrassed I was ready to walk out and not do it. I was like, ‘Never in my life never. This should never happen to me!’” Rollins admitted that it was a learning experience in retrospect as he now knows that it’s okay to screw up sometimes as long as you learn from mistakes and prove yourself the second time.