Seth Rollins Responds To Jon Moxley’s Anti-WWE Comments

Seth Rollins spoke to the media regarding Jon Moxley's comments.

Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose (Jon Moxley)

Recently, Seth Rollins has been defensive on behalf of WWE against the promotion’s critics. Up until now most of the Universal Champions comments had been made on social media but he recently sat down with and went into further detail regarding WWE’s critics and comments made by Jon Moxley.

“You can only sit back and read people bashing something you love for so long and sit there and take it and try to take the high road, so to speak,” Rollins said. “I’m proud of what I do every single week, not just Mondays, but every single Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, really. I’m proud of what I do and what our crew does and the effort they put forward.”

Rollins was also asked about comments the former Dean Ambrose made on Talk is Jericho and other podcasts.

Seth Rollins On Jon Moxley’s Comments

“Ambrose can do what he wants. He’s a big boy. He’s got his big boy pants on, he can go out there and say whatever he wants, but the bottom line is not everyone is equipped to handle the riggers of the WWE and the schedule and how it affects you mentally and emotionally,” Rollins continued. “Ambrose gave everything he had to the company for the entire time he was here. He put his heart and soul into the travel and the schedule and the injuries and the work in the ring and all that stuff, but at the end of the day, he took his ball and he went home or he went elsewhere, at least.”

Rollins would continue to talk about comments the wrestler now known as Jon Moxley made after leaving the company earlier this year.

“I think it’s a little presumptuous of him to get on a podcast and talk down about the company that gave him such opportunities, and he referenced some of those, he did talk about how he was thankful for the time he spent here and the fact that he was able to learn, meet his wife and all that good stuff.”

When asked, Rollins confirmed that he has not spoken to Moxley recently.

“No. And I don’t need to,” Rollins responded when asked if to Moxley about his comments. “Like I said, he’s grown . He’s got his big boy pants on. He can do whatever he wants to do, he can say whatever he wants to say, he filled his contractual obligations here and there’s nothing but mutual love and respect for him.”

The full interview can be read here or listened to in the player below.


  1. oppa
    Last night's Raw was said to have had less than 4,000 people in attendance. The people don't seem to agree with Seth on this one.
  2. Surge King
    What’s sad about that is...WWE don’t care because they’re still pocketing money. It’s sad, I would feel for the performers. You make it to the big stage and you’re busting your arse for a half filled arena. Times are changing...
  3. Viktor
    Good boy Seth, keep sucking that cobra and I let you keep that title for another 3 months. -Vince
  4. raVen ™
    He isn't wrong. Without WWE jon good would be working a 9-5 for minimal pay and wrestling in someones back yard on the weekends.
  5. wwe88
    Damn lol smh some of y'all got nothing to do but ram the WWE, some of yous are slow, I could easily see what Vince McMahon is doing ,loving it
  6. Cujo999
    Thing is, attendance for live events is pretty much down across the board. Pretty much all major US sports leagues are dealing with the same thing.
  7. Anonymous18
    He wasn't booked the greatest way to win the championship. Realizing they gave him weak challengers and a lot of nothing, it was decided to give him a steel chair so he becomes a badass? Him and Becky's booking together is what is most turning me on him. What they do on camera together is straight up obnoxious.
  8. Genesis
    I think that ship has sailed already people don't really care about him or Becky and he's trying to defend the crap that this company puts out on a weekly basis misleading fans like Brock Lesnar is going to cash in and crap like that awful booking full stories ect I also wish he would just stfu. HesH champion while the company is on life support and doing it to work some ratings and buy rates ever.
  9. Cobra
    Blame Amazon and Netflix. Seen those fat bastards on hovercrafts in Wall-E? Those kids will be born soon.
  10. 7962
    Its not because the show sux, its because they price tickets like you're going to a concert. During the Monday night wars, my friends & i could go see WCW and get front row tickets for 25.00. WWF wasnt too much difference. Now, they want 100-150 for HOUSE shows
  11. Krystal Hill
    And... Would anyone sayy the sane about him? If he never made it to ROH, would be be a nobody like Jon "would have been"?
  12. raVen ™
    Difference is- Seth is a fantastic performer. One of the best in the world today. Jon is a "brawler" who can't even throw a decent looking punch.
  13. wwe88
    Come on man you could figure that out I'm not gonna explain ,I'll give u a hit tho think of it as a business point of view, he has fox by October and havent bring out talents and using same ppl so what u think he doing
  14. Roberto Corbari
    What's the point? Everybody was unknown before getting famous. Jon said there's a creative problem in WWE. Is he right? He sure is. And after 8 years in WWE I think he earned the right to say that. When the weekly AEW is gonna start, we'll see if he was right about his creative skills. He refused over 5 million dollars, let's give him some credit and the benefit of the doubt
  15. wwe88
    Well your 20% right, that would mean they have to maintain that for 5 years which they can't ,gotta figure it out and I said a business stand point
  16. Roberto Corbari
    ok man, I was 100% right, you were just a lot of talk and a badge. BREAKING NEWS: WWE names Paul Heyman and Eric Bischoff Executive Directors of Raw and SmackDown LIVE.
  17. wwe88
    But these of one of the these I've been saying if u seen my other post that Vince could always switch it up but it's news bro
  18. raVen ™
    Sure he is right about creative- as seth was right about WWE being the biggest platform for these guys to become known names. Benefit of the doubt left after all the hype pre-nxt, then all the hype with foley, all the hype of his us title run, all the hype of his world title runs, the shield break up, etc etc. He was given the ben of doubt multiple times. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting different results. Creative is the mess we all know it to be. In ring performance only falls on one person.
  19. RmeeU
    Oh WWE cares. Having a PPV with under 5K sold tickets is a terrible look no matter how you look at it.
  20. Surge King
    I would hope they would care. I just feel Vince don’t or simply has a excuse for everything to ignore it.