Seth Rollins Says Hell In A Cell Left Him “Dead In The Water”

Seth Rollins recently spoke about the ill-fated Hell in a Cell main event from last year.

Seth Rollins
Seth Rollins (Photo: WWE)

The result of the main event at Hell in a Cell 2019 left many fans upset. Seth Rollins defended the Universal Championship against “the Fiend” Bray Wyatt that night. Many fans expected Wyatt to win the match and title but it didn’t happen. Instead, the referee called a stop to the match after Rollins hit Wyatt with a sledgehammer. The result was not a disqualification but rather a referee’s stoppage due to concern over Wyatt’s health. Wyatt would then win the title the following month in Saudi Arabia.

Rollins recently spoke to Talk Sport and said that what happened at Hell in a Cell last year left him “dead in the water.” Rollins would eventually turn heel as the fans turned against him.

“At the end of the day, there’s no real nice way to put it, I was dead in the water after Hell in a Cell,” Rollins said. “And a lot of that was nothing that I could control. I was left out there as a bit of a scapegoat in that situation and there was nothing I could do about it, but I was the one that had to face the scrutiny.”

“And no one really cared about me at that point in time, or about how I was feeling or about what really went into that moment, that night and everything that went along with it.”

Rollins would continue to say that after HIAC, it was time to make some changes.

“So, the writing was on the wall at that point,” Rollins continued. “It was time to hunker down and make some changes, and some of those are tough lessons to learn.”

Now Rollins is known as the “Monday Night Messiah” on RAW. He lost to Kevin Owens at WrestleMania but finds himself with a chance to win the WWE title tonight. He faces Drew McIntyre with the belt on the line at Money in the Bank. Bray Wyatt also has a chance to win back the Universal title he took from Rollins tonight. He’ll face Braun Strowman at Money in the Bank.

“There’s no point lamenting the past, it’s time to move on, move into the future and figure out what you’re gonna do about it, ya know? What can you control.”

The full interview with Rollins can be read here.

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