Several WWE Superstars Dealing With Unspecified Illness

WWE Illnesses piling up
WWE Illnesses piling up

Several WWE Superstars are said to be battling an illness at the moment, possibly having resulted in last-minute booking changes. Alexa Bliss, Finn Balor, Mandy Rose, and Bobby Roode are all said to be battling a bug of sorts.

Balor was sent home early from a tour and missed a Mixed Match Challenge match recently. Bliss did not speak on Raw this week during a press conference segment with Rousey and Nia. She has reportedly been dealing with a bug that left her voice weak.

Roode is also said to be dealing with an unspecified illness. It has also been reported that the scheduled match between Mandy Rose and Naomi did not take place on Smackdown this week due to Rose dealing with a similar bug.

PPV Curse? WWE Illnesses Before TLC Event 2 Years In A Row

Oddly enough, the same thing went on in the WWE locker room before the TLC PPV in 2017 as well. A viral infection caused both Bray Wyatt and Roman Reigns to miss the TLC PPV last year.

Kurt Angle ended up joining the Shield for one night and a planned match between Finn Balor and Bray Wyatt was changed. AJ Styles ended up taking Bray Wyatt’s place in the match and thankfully the whole Sister Abigail vs Finn’s Demon angle was never heard from again.

Last year’s TLC PPV was held in October rather than December. The only Superstar who is currently battling an illness who is scheduled for TLC this Sunday is Finn Balor. He’ll take on Drew McIntyre on the show.