Sexy Star Resigns with AAA/LU, Taya Threatens to Leave

There is some drama going on in AAA at the moment. The company has re-signed popular women’s wrestler, Sexy Star, which has rubbed some in the company the wrong way.

The 34-year old whose real name is Dulce Maria García Rivas, is a big draw in Mexico, but has been the subject of criticism amongst some of her colleagues for being difficult to work with. Evidently her signing represents the end of the line for Taya, who had been the company’s top women’s wrestlers since 2014.

Taya and Sexy Star

Last year, Sexy Star left lucha libra to begin a career as a professional boxer. She won her debut fight back in April.

On July 1st, AAA talent director, Vampiro, stripped Taya of the Reina de Reinas title, stating she had used an illegal choke in her last title victory and hadn’t defended the title in months. This was met with a fair amount of surprise as Taya had been the perennial champion for going on 3 years (she had recently lost and regained the title).

Yesterday Sexy Star beat 5 other performers in Monterey to win the vacated title. After finding out, Taya let it be known she no longer plans to wrestle for AAA.

Sexy Star’s resigning with AAA, also opens the door for her return to Lucha Underground for a potential season 4. Currently Sexy Star and Taya are building up a rivalry on the show, which may have strengthened the animosity between the two in real life, however that is just speculation.