Sexy Star Says Her Lucha Underground Title Win Inspired Women’s Revolution

Sexy Star told media she feels her Lucha Underground championship win inspired WWE's women's revolution.

Sexy Star
Sexy Starr

Sexy Star recently won her pro-MMA debut. She took part in an interview with the Roman Show recently to promote her fight and spoke about how she feels her Lucha Underground championship win inspired WWE’s women’s revolution.

“I think that yes,” she said. “WWE took notice. I am proud that they gave me that opportunity as a woman, as a Mexican and as a warrior. I felt they (WWE) found out that that had a big buzz all over the world. I think it inspired them to act.”

Sexy Star won the Lucha Underground championship in 2016 by winning Aztec Warfare III. She would drop the title on the next day of tapings, however, to Johnny Mundo.

Sexy Star Interview Highlights

She also said during the interview that she is open to joining WWE someday.

“I would love to (join WWE). I am open,” she said. “As a Mexican, I know WWE has a different type of wrestling. It is the number one. I think it would be the only thing missing for me. I would love to. Can you imagine me versus Ronda Rousey in the WWE or the cage?”

Sexy Star also holds an undefeated boxing record of 5-0.

“Since I was a kid my mother got me involved in many sports form ballet to the most intense like combat sports. I always changed my discipline,” she contined. “My life took me to wrestling, then I tried boxing cause I was passionate then mma is a combination of my passions. These sports are not only to for health benefits but psychologically too.”