Shane Helms Reveals That He Returned His All In Pay

The former WWE Star says that he just wanted to contribute to the show

Shane Helms
Shane Helms

DDP had revealed in previous interviews that he made an appearance at All In for free and it appears that he wasn’t the only veteran to do so.

Shane Helms recently had an interview with Fightful where he talked about a number of things and revealed that he had returned the money Cody sent him for his appearance in the show.

Shane who was part of the Over The Budget Battle Royal first discussed how he got booked for the spot, and revealed that his booking for Starrcast led to his All In appearance.

According to him, he met Cody and told him that he would contribute to the show any way he can and continuing on the topic, the former WWE Star revealed that he turned down the money that was sent to him:

“Cody was worried about insulting me by offering me something he thought was beneath me. I was like ‘Bro. No. Whatever you need, I’ll do.’ He paid me and I sent it back.”

Later in the interview, Shane Helms said that the event shined a positive light on the whole business and it showed everyone what is possible when you do things the right way.

Apart from this, Helms also discussed his appearance at the Over The Budget Battle Royal and the spots he pulled off during the match. You can check out his full interview at this link.