Shawn Michaels Discusses Future Of WWE, His Working Relationship With Triple H

Shawn Michaels Bald

WWE Hall of Famer Shawn Michaels recently spoke with ESPN to talk about various topics including his working relationship with Triple H and how it will shape WWE NXT. This is where he noted that it’s great and poked fun at Triple H for wearing a suit all of the time. HBK brought up how they’ve had the same relationship now that they did when they were on the road but now just in a bigger corporate setting.

“We’re sitting in the back, throwing out ideas, writing shows, coming up with creative things of that nature. Look, you cannot beat it — honestly. I get paid to hang out with my buddy, and it is extremely tough to complain about that. I still have absolutely no idea how I’ve stumbled into the unbelievably blessed life that I have, but I try not think about it too much, for fear I might wake up one day.”

Michaels also talked about the future of the WWE which is where he stated that the older guys are always getting asked to come back and do stuff but for him, he’s one of those people who want to see the younger guys take the spotlight.

He added, “I’m thrilled with the direction of the WWE and NXT, and I want the business to move on into the future.”