Shawn Michaels Had Some Blunt Advice For The Singh Brothers

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The Singh Brothers are an integral part of Jinder Mahal’s WWE Championship reign, and although they’re currently heels on WWE TV, they previously worked as babyfaces in NXT as The Bollywood Boyz. They got their big break in WWE as competitors in the Cruiserweight Classic and were soon regulars on NXT and 205 Live.

Once brought up to the main roster they aligned themselves with Jinder Mahal and assisted him in capturing the WWE Championship from Randy Orton. The brothers recently appeared on WWE Superstar Chris Jericho’s podcast, Talk Is Jericho, to talk about their run in the professional wrestling world. Simir discussed some rather blunt advice that he and his brother received while working at the WWE Performance Center as The Bollywood Boyz:

“I think a big thing actually, we realized we needed to turn heel” Because the whole Bollywood Boyz thing was so babyface — so 1980’s. Me and Gurv [Sunil] were going back and forth and Shawn Michaels had just started at NXT and watched one of our PC Live matches and he pulled up aside and was like, ‘you guys need to go heel.’ He’s like, ‘if you’re gonna stay a babyface you’re dead in the water.”

Sunil then noted that Michaels compared what The Singh Brothers were trying to do was similar to what he did with Marty Jannetty, however, it worked back in the 90s – but not today:

“He said ‘I see what you guys are trying to do it was like what Marty (Jannetty) and I were doing back in the day. But it worked in the 90’s — it’s not gonna work in today’s wrestling”

You can check out The Singh Brother’s interview on Talk Is Jericho at this link here.