Shawn Michaels Reflects On Coaching At The Performance Center

Shawn Michaels
WWE Hall of Famer Shawn Michaels (Photo: WWE)

Shawn Michaels has accomplished pretty much all a person can hope to achieve during his legendary career. From captivating the WWE Universe with his in-ring work to entertaining fans with his promos, the man has accrued an unquestionable amount of experience about the business.

That knowledge is something he has been sharing recently with those training at WWE’s Performance Center in Florida, where he now works as a coach.

Speaking with ESPN, The Heartbreak Kid reflects on his time at the Performance Center, discussing what he enjoys most about coaching the newest crop of talent currently working hard to debut for the company.

“I Still Do Not Have To Grow Up”

“For me to have a huge influence or impact on anybody is probably not a healthy thing. It’s 30 years later and I still have no idea why this company still has me employed or is letting me talk or instruct or coach younger talent because it’s obvious that it’s not good for the wrestling business in any way shape or form,” he jokes. “They’re all going to be incredibly bad influences — and hopefully, that’ll all be because of me.”

“I always wondered,” he continued, “after wrestling for 30 years, and in a sense never having to have a real job or really have to work a day in my life, what I would do after I was done doing that,” Michaels confessed. “Then I get to stumble into this job at the PC, and clearly I still do not have to grow up, which is phenomenal. You get to coach a bunch of other young men who you are encouraging not to ever have to grow up, and you can’t beat it.”

Shawn Michaels recently returned to action for WWE’s event in Saudi Arabia, Crown Jewel. He teamed up with HHH in a winning effort against The Brothers Of Destruction, Kane and The Undertaker.